TAG Heuer Brings On Supermodel Bella Hadid as Brand Ambassador

tag heuer
In a big announcement, Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer has unveiled its newest fresh face for women's watches in its "Don't Crack Under Pressure" ad campaign: supermodel Bella Hadid. Signed to IMG Models, the 20-year-old has already walked the runways for some of the finest fashion houses in the world, including Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, Versace, Fendi, Michael Kors and Victoria's Secret. Additionally, she was named the ambassador for Dior Makeup last year. Her sister Gigi is also a model, as was their mother before them. “My family taught me to be strong and confident. I believe that everything happens for a reason and no matter what it is that happens, you will get through it," says Hadid. Heading ... [Read More]

Wedding Day Jewelry | Make your Day Memorable

Planning a wedding—the dress, the venue, the guests, the cake, and the list goes on. Wedding day jewelry seems to be an afterthought when it comes to planning a wedding, but we are here to tell you it should be a majority. The pieces you select will play a major role in the completed look and will be captured in hundreds of photographs. We have gathered a few of our favorites from our Wedding Day Jewelry selection. Searching for Sentimental? Curious about what trend to follow? What about the man of your dreams? Do you have budget on the brain? Why pick one shade for your something blue? There’s no question that when we think of a bride and her wedding day there is an image of a ... [Read More]

Buy from the Best, Expect the Best | A Jewelry Repair Shop You Can Trust

jewelry repair shop
A few days ago we mentioned in our "Keep your Precious Metal Precious" blog that jewelry can be one of the most cherished items we own. That is why when it comes to jewelry repair it is important to only trust your valuables with professional repair specialists. However, not all jewelry repair shops are created equal. In fact, many jewelers don't have a shop at all but instead outsource all repair work. This runs the risk of your jewelry being misplaced in some big warehouse. Here at Reis-Nichols, our jewelry and watch repair shops are on-site. Yes, we have two repair shops right inside our doors. Our jewelry and watch repair shops are state of the art and are nationally recognized as being among ... [Read More]

A Look at the Stricter 2017 Guidelines on ‘Swiss Made’ Watches

swiss made
The Swiss Federal Council recently approved a partial revision of its "Swiss made" ordinance for watches, effective as of January 1, 2017. The revision strengthens the label requirements for watches and movements and aligns them more with the new "Swissness" legislation that has been updated since its 2013 adoption by the Swiss Parliament. Any watch bearing the indication "Swiss" or "Swiss made" must be backed by Swiss watchmaking expertise. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, a number of studies have shown that consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for Swiss watches, in general, and up to 50% more for certain mechanical watches. The revision of the "Swiss made" ordinance ... [Read More]

Keep Your Precious Metal Precious | Care Instructions

Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. It is one of our most intimate and cherished possession. When it comes to keeping our precious metal jewelry precious, it all comes down to understanding how to care for these treasured pieces. Caring for Platinum In recent years, platinum has become popular for diamond rings because its luster brings out the brilliance of the diamonds far better than gold. The care instructions for this precious metal are quite simple. Just soak the platinum in a mild solution of soap and warm water and gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush. This process will help maintain the metal's luster. Many people prefer platinum because it ... [Read More]

Time: The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day — flowers, chocolates, dinner... Yes, these are all great, but now you can give her something even more meaningful: time. We offer a great selection of watches that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Some feature floral-inspired dials, while others actually may have heart motifs on them. Still others declare your love for her with pink or red straps. No other gift is as timeless and everlasting (like your love) as a fine watch. It tells her you made a special effort to give her something that would remind her of you every time she glances at her wrist. Not sure what she would like? Afraid it's too late? Just stop in. We can help you find the perfect watch for the one you love and send ... [Read More]

Last-Minute Sweets for your Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! If this is news to you or if you are one to shop last minute, no need to freak out just yet. We have five last-minute sweets for your sweetheart that are perfect to make sure you don't land in the dog house! 1. Birthstone Necklaces with Diamonds $495 each 2. Officina Bernardi Earrings from $95 3. Honora Layered Necklace $150 4. John Hardy Bracelets from $250 5. Roberto Coin Princess Flower Collection BONUS! "You Will Forever Be My Always" Pendant $495   Shop other sweet Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your sweetheart here or come in-store tomorrow for your last minute sweet for your sweetheart.... [Read More]

The Amethyst-February Birthstone past Is as Rich as Its Purple Hues

The purple amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers. It is an easily recognizable gem being the February birthstone, but you may not know everything about it just yet! History In the Old World, amethyst was considered on of the Cardinal gems, in that it was one of the five gemstones considered precious above all others. It was even held in the same regard as the diamond. It wasn't until the discovery of more abundant supplies of the deep purple gem in the 18th century that it lost most of its value and was removed from the list. Legend The name comes from the ancient Greek "amethystos" μέθυστοςméthystos or "intoxicated". The Greeks believed ... [Read More]

Pink Is for Men: Great Rose Gold Watches for Valentine’s Day

jaeger le coultre
Move over women, pink is not just exclusively for you. Today, especially when it comes to the watch world, some of the hottest luxury watches for men – from sporty to sophisticated and ultra complicated – are crafted in 18-karat pink, rose gold. This is a great thing with Valentine's Day around the corner — it gives you the perfect gift idea. Rose gold has roots dating back to the Second World War, when steel and white metals were needed for military arms. The jewelry industry added the copper alloy to the gold to use less solid gold, and the result was a super rich rose color that quickly became in high demand. Today, watch brands offer pink or rose gold in varying degrees, with 3N the palest shade, 4N ... [Read More]

Buyers Beware: More Than 1 Million Fake Swiss Watches Seized in 2016

One million counterfeit Swiss watches were confiscated around the globe in 2016, according to statistics released by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. The message to bargain hunters is that they should think twice before plunking down their hard-earned dollars on offers that seem too good to be true. The best protection against buying fake Swiss watches is to work with an authorized dealer. The majority of fake Swiss watches were seized in China, reports Jean-Daniel Pasche, president of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), adding that it does not mean other counterfeiting hubs don't exist. For example, 130,000 fakes were seized in Turkey, 70,000 in Dubai and 9,000 in ... [Read More]